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What Is Car Repossession?

The term “Car Repossession” refers to the process wherein lender takes back the vehicle because of failure of borrower to repay monthly loan dues regularly. The procedure incurs costs in the form of storage fees.

Nevertheless, there could be ways to prevent repossession of car or get it back if it has been already repossessed. To learn about the methods to keep your car, you must talk to an expert.




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Lender’s decision to repossess car is not an instant one. There are some signs preceding the entire process. Once borrower starts defaulting on payments, lender does give him a chance to become current on monthly car instalments. Failure to comply with lender’s expectations can lead to an extreme step like car repossession .

Usually, lenders contact delinquent borrowers prior to repossessing their vehicles although under current laws prevailing in the United States, they have no obligation to notify them. But loan dealers could be allowed to seize cars on borrowers’ properties to the extent that their peace is not being breached.

Take Advantage of Car Repossession Assistance to Overcome Your Problem

Most of the Americans need cars for transporting themselves to execute their daily responsibilities. Going to workplaces, taking children to school or running errands are some of the activities which necessitate the urge to buy cars as that can help in saving precious time and energy. Besides, the main objective of buying a car is that it gives you the much necessary freedom and convenience to travel anywhere you like.

Today easy financing is available for purchase of new or used car but if you fall behind on payments, lender has the legal right to repossess your vehicle. Hence, when you are faced with such a situation, it could be better if you contact your lender immediately. Such a prerogative might enable you to work out a strategy to prevent an ugly situation. To that effect, it is better if follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Contact your lender and explain your present financial circumstances that are or are likely to hampering your ability to stay current on monthly car payments. Normally, lenders show willingness to help borrowers through different ways.
  • You can try and re-negotiate terms of payments and if financial problems will have short term implications, tell that clearly to the lender. This way you have enhanced chances of getting away with car repossession.
  • For reducing monthly payments, you can consider options like loan modification or refinancing to lower interest rate. Discuss these proposals with your local dealer, there are chances that such an option may be accepted.
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  • Redeem the Vehicle after car repossession – One of your alternatives to deal with a car repossession is to redeem the car under consideration. Redemption has to be in accordance with your state’s laws and you will have to pay back the entire loan dues to get back your car form your lender. Besides, you may also have to bear costs for vehicle storage and repossession fees. The process has to be completed within specified time period.
  • Reinstate the car loan after the car repossession – In few states, borrowers have the option to get the delinquent auto loan reinstated. Talk to present lender and find out if co-operation can be secured to reinstate car loan. But you must be ready to pay all missed car payments that have been long overdue and expenses incurred during repossession by your loan dealer. Unfortunately, not all states offer this option for reinstatement of auto loan to resident borrowers.
  • Buy the car at auction after car repossession – If all efforts to recover auto loan dues from borrower fail then lender may arrange an auction for selling the car for recovering dues. Borrower is notified that his car is about to be sold by auction and this way he gets chance to purchase the same car at auction. If bidding is low then you have the chance to buy car for less than the amount that is owed.
  • File for bankruptcy protection – If car gets repossessed and borrower files for chapter 13 bankruptcy then it could be possible for him to get the repossessed car back. But debtor must be able to show that he will be able to repay auto loan dues through chapter 13 monthly payment plans. However, if borrower files for chapter 7 personal bankruptcy then chances of getting repossessed car are slender. Only a lawyer can tell more.
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