Getting a Car Back After Repossession, Learn More About Your Options

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Getting a car after a repossession may be swanky to think of and such a proposition can be a reality these days. Specialist help is now available in your neighbourhood to realize your dream and thus, solve your transportation problems.

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Looking To Get Car Back After Repossession? Know About the Process

As per law, lender has to give some time to borrower for getting car back after repo. During the said time period, borrower must make every effort to get current on car payments. Nevertheless, a lot may depend on your personal communication with the lender. If you didn’t co-operate when calls were made by representative of your lender’s loan department then things can be difficult.

But still there is a chance that you can get repossessed car back if you pay the missed payments and ensure that you will be current henceforth. And if possible, pay the entire unpaid loan balance along with repossession fees and any other charges to get your car back. However, if you have got vehicle financed from “Buy Here Pay Here” lots then you may end up spending more money.

Alternatively, if lender has already auctioned your car for recovering dues, little can be done to get back your car. But there may be other alternatives that you can explore to get another car although it might take some time. You have to be patient and take steps for improving your credit profile. Waiting for a year’s time could be ideal to qualify for low rates.

Learn How to Get a Repossessed Car Back Online As Early As Possible

To get car back after repo, you will have to either settle the loan dues completely or at least make sure that you are current on the loan payments by clearing all missed instalments. Besides, you will need to bear costs towards repossession fees as well as some other additional charges.

If you have some money in savings, you can contact your lender immediately without wasting any further time to initiate process for getting your repossessed car back. In case, you don’t have money for repaying the dues, you can again bid for your car at the lender auction to repay debt.

Lender will give you a reasonable amount of time for settling dues and, after some time passes, will auction the car. You can be a bidder among several others at the auction if you really intend to get your car back but that can be a risky proposal.

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Here Are Your 4 Main Options For Getting A Car Back After Repossession
  • Redemption – You can redeem the loan by paying off all dues along with repossession fees and storage charges for getting your repossessed car back. But such a move must be completed before the lender arranges an auction for selling the car. After repossessing the car, lender will issue notice within 5 days. if you don’t receive the notice then you must contact your lender and repay the loan dues for redemption.
  • Reinstatement (If Applicable) – Another way of tacking a car repossession situation is to get your auto loan reinstated by paying missed instalments. But while doing so, you will be required to pay repossession and storage fees. Only few states in the U.S. allow this, determine if you live in one of those states by consulting a specialist. In addition, the time frame provided for reinstating car loan can be as less as 15 days.
  • Buy the Vehicle Back at the Auction – If either of the above options fails then lender will arrange for auction to sell the car for recovering loan dues, you will get a notice regarding that. You can attend the car auction buy the car by being one of the bidders. But such a proposition might not be a profitable decision as there are chances that you will end up spending more money on the car under consideration.
  • Talk to Your Bank – One of the best ways to deal with a car repossession is to talk to your car loan dealer directly and see if any remedy can be sorted out for getting the car back. If you do not have sufficient money for paying missed car payments then you may ask for a deferment. Some lenders permit that, check that with your loan dealer so that you can get back car.
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