Can You Refinance A Car Loan

Can You Refinance A Car Loan? Determine If You Can Online Now

If you are wondering, “Can you refinance your car loan?” then you need to know that your ability to get your car refinanced may depend on a variety of factors. Usually, people refinance their vehicles if their financial situations have changed for the better or their credit scores have shown drastic improvements.

But there may be another dimension to this, the market circumstances. You could also opt for a car refinance if interest rates offered on car loans have fallen. In any case, whatever may be your reasons to get your car refinanced, the timing is going to be important.




When Can You Refinance A Car Loan? Read This To Know More!

The moment you think, “Can you refinance an auto loan?” the first thing you must do is determine whether refinancing car is the right option for your specific circumstances. Remember, refinancing attracts certain costs by way of loan pre-payment penalties or closing fees. Even if you manage to qualify for a low rate of interest, it could imperative for you to know that it will take some time for recovering costs incurred on getting your car refinanced.

To that effect, it could be vital for you to make sure that your new interest rate is less than your existing car loan rate by at least 1 or 2 percentage points. This way the task requires some advance homework to be performed. Besides, lot could depend on your credit rating, if it has improved drastically ever since you bought the car, then there are chances that you may qualify for lower rate.

Refinancing Your Car Loan to Lower Rate - Few Vital Things to Consider

  • Understand the back story :
    The first of the two main factors which impacts your ability to secure a lower auto loan interest rate is your credit score, the second being from where you got the original loan. Many people get locked in a higher interest rate due to having bad credit at the time of buying car. Some borrowers may also become victims of high interest rate if they secured original auto loan through dealership financing.
  • If ready, locate your lender:
    Once you have decided to get your vehicle refinanced to a lower rate, start researching various options that are available at your disposal. Contact some local banks, credit unions as well as online lenders that specialize in providing car refinancing loans to borrowers of all types of credit situations. Get and compare free non-binding quotes offered by at least 4 to 5 different loan dealerships for finding the right lender.
  • Never stretch payment term :
    If you think that monthly car payments will get lowered by getting the duration of your existing loan extended then you must be aware that by doing so you will end up spending more money on interests over a period of time. Hence, such a proposition might not be worth a consideration.
can you refinance a car loan after a year

5 Important Guidelines to Get the Best Out Of Your Car Loan Refinancing

  • Know Your Credit Score :
    It is advisable to know the exact status of your credit profile before you apply for an auto refinance loan online. If your credit rating has improved greatly ever since you purchased your car, you may not have any problems in qualifying for a lower rate on a new loan.
  • Know the Value of Your Car :
    Most of the car refinance providers will approve your car application only if your car is worth more than the loan dues being owed. This means if you are underwater on your car loan, meaning your car is valued less than unpaid principal loan balance, refinancing can be extremely difficult.
  • Shop for Lower Car Loan Rates :
    Shopping is the key for locating the lowest and best interest rate on any type of loan finance. So get free non-binding proposals from several top rated loan dealers in the business and compare them by using an online auto loan calculator. This will help you to find the lowest rate.
  • Watch Out for Restrictions and Hidden Fees :
    Lenders may not approve applications if loan dues are below some prescribed limit so prior to applying for car refinancing check if there are any such restrictions. Also inquire with various lenders if there any hidden fees being charged for the process such as documentation charges or application processing fees.
  • Complete Loan Applications one at a Time :
    It is hereby recommended to complete one auto loan request at a time as lenders will run credit checks for assessing risk of lending you money. If multiple loan dealers run credit check then it may adversely impact your credit score and your credit rating might even drop because of that.

If you are wondering, “When can you refinance car loan?” then you need it to know that interest rates offered on auto refinancing loans are at histories lows now making it the best time to get your car refinanced. Therefore, if you are struggling to pay your monthly car instalments or your credit or financial situations have improved then you may think of applying for a car refinance loan online. Such a move might enable you to reduce your monthly car payments drastically and save hundreds of dollars annually as well.

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