When Is A Good Time To Buy A Car ?

Shopping On These Days And You Will Save More Dollars

Many people might wonder, “When is a good time to buy a new car ?” While buying a car is now a necessity rather than any luxury, the timing of car purchase can be crucial.

Nevertheless, there could be two major factors that play a vital role in determining the right time to buy cars. One is consumer demand and the other being sales goals. To learn more, keep reading on....




When Is A Best Time To Buy A Car?

Consumer demand - Car pricing can vary according to market conditions. When demand for cars is high, the probability to negotiate car prices is slender but if market situation is grim and demand is less, dealerships show willingness for negotiating prices of cars.

Sales goals – Sales staff at car dealerships is constantly under pressure to achieve sales targets. As a result, buyers have chances of securing some of the best deals in market while shopping. In any case, the following could be the best time to shop around for cars if you intend to buy them at most affordable prices.

Late in the month and quarter - Car sales dip towards month end and these affect achievement of sales goals. Hence, this presents you the opportunity to secure new cars from dealerships at the most affordable prices.

Early in the week and evenings - To get the best deal on your car price, it could be advisable for you to schedule visit to dealerships during day time in the beginning of a week, either on Monday or Tuesday when there is less rush and demand may be lower. On other days or at weekends, dealerships might be experiencing busy times due to higher rush.

Labour Day - You can get benefitted with a variety of discounts on car prices if you visit new car dealerships on the 1st of September every year which is the Labour Day.

Black Friday - Majority of the car makers as well as dealerships offer huge discounts on car prices to buyers on Black Friday and the day post Thanksgiving day that falls at the end of last month very year for promoting car sales.

Pre approved financing to help - Getting your car loan pre approved could be one of your most viable options as by doing so, you will know your budget and the type of interest rate you can afford to pay based on your existing monthly income level.

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